Most banks, micro payday loans, online services are reputable sources of urgent money when it comes to amounts up to 50 thousand rubles. Some people turn to non-profit organizations, friends or employers. But whatever small payday loan is obtained, most likely, it will become a convenient and fast option for paying immediate expenses. Each of us has such expenses: medical bills, car repairs and the like. Even with prudent people, they sometimes arise suddenly. And if you did not have savings at the time of the urgent expenses, you need a way to quickly get additional finance.

What should be a small payday loan?

What should be a small payday loan?

Just want to say that you can not panic, no matter how difficult and difficult your financial situation would seem to you. A quick small payday loan also needs to be well thought out. More precisely choose the right. And you need to think about how you will cope with your obligations under the loan. Before comparing the various options, you need to make sure that:

– monthly loan payments will not exceed 5% of your monthly income;

– there should be only fixed payments;

– The loan period should be no more than 12 months.

To select a lender, read their terms and conditions.

Typical requirements for such lenders are having a bank account, credit history and a permanent source of income.

Any micro payday loans

Any micro payday loans

Very often they pay attention to your place of residence – must be in the same region where you want to execute a contract. Of course, take an interest in regular income. In some cases, check the credit history.

To get a quick small payday loan from a bank, you will need to become their client. Thus, the lender will have access to your credit history and other necessary information. Also, do not say goodbye to the current place of work or often change them.

You can get additional funding at a pawnshop, but this will require something valuable from your belongings. In the case of the employer, the case is purely individual.

Perhaps the easiest to get acquainted with the credit rates in the online service. Having run through the sites of the most popular companies, it is possible to calculate future payments and compare with each other using simple calculators. But do not forget about all sorts of hidden payments. The most frequent in online services – is charging for cash withdrawals. As a rule, this is 1% – 5% of the amount. Therefore, spend more time and find out about all the points.

To take a small payday loan from a bank

You most likely need to already be their client. In this case, the bank already has an offer for you and it is just waiting for your appeal. Do not flatter yourself and think that my bank will not deceive me or hide anything from my beloved client. Be sure to read all the terms of the contract and do not forget about the rules described above.

But how then become a bank customer? The surest way is to open a debit account in it. But you can get a loan, having the status of a new client. But it is unlikely that even a small amount will be given to you without collecting references and waiting for a few days or weeks.

The surest way to get a quick loan is to take a micro payday loan

The surest way to get a quick loan is to take a micro payday loan

This product was created specifically to provide additional funding for people in emergency situations. In situations in which money is required here and now. If you are not sure that your credit history is perfect, if it does not tolerate long expectations, this is what you need. In our company to get a loan you need only a passport. Confirmation of the application and execution of the contract is possible on the day the application is submitted. No hidden fees – only fixed payments. You will know exactly how much to pay and when.